Walther Carrasco

I am Walther Carrasco

I'm a Fullstack Developer with over 5 years experience in software development. I'm a constant learner and focused on delivering results and quality.

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I am Walther Carrasco, fullstack developer from Tegucigalpa, Honduras. I have rich experience building web applications, both frontend and backend. I'm very passionate about web development, data science and entrepreneurship having co-founded an IoT startup.

Name: Walther Emilio Carrasco Mejia

Birthday: 25 August, 1995

Location: Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Email: walther.e.carrasco@gmail.com

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Technical Skills






JS Frameworks

React Js


Vue Js





CSS Frameworks



Material UI







Node Js

Express Js

Hapi Js









OAuth / JWT





Excel Macros


Web App Development

Develop fast and good quality web apps using the latest technologies.

Backend Development

Develop secure and maintainable backends for every use.

Microsoft Excel Macros

Develop excel macros to reduce repetitive tasks and make heavy work more manageable.


Take care of company positioning on Google search engine.

Entrepreneurship Focused

Look after the company's vision and understanding it's business to develop quality software


Develop maintainable software and give support if needed.

Work Experience

December 2021 - present


Fullstack Developer

At Sweatworks my role was as fullstack developer leading the frontend part for the HYGEAR project. I created a CMS for HYGEAR using React and Redux for users management, roles management, and data management for the core app of HYGEAR.

May 2021 - October 2021

PayPal (Stefanini)

Fullstack Developer

At PayPal I worked on the Money team who where I added features for the PayPal Business web app, also developed solutions to manage changes on projects for different environments.

Also helped to other teams to test adding funds functionality and test how they behave with my new features.

2021 - Present

Core Code

FullStack Teacher and Fullstack Developer

At Core Code I manage different bootcamps where I teach mostly frontend development using React and Redux to already experienced students to help them improve their skills and land their first fullstack job.

Some of my activities at Core Code are:

  • Bootcamp: Teach to numerous students different technologies and best practices mostly within frontend development.
  • Mock Interviews: Have mock interviews with the students to prepare them to a real world interview.
  • Code Review: Code review and evaluate student's code for the project they need in order to graduate.
  • Development: I'm the main developer for a educational platform for CoreCode using MERN stack.
2021 - Present

CodeX Academy - Nashville, Tennessee

Development Mentor

At CodeX I mentor people who want to become Full Stack Developers by teaching them the most used and important technologies and the best practices.

Some of my activities at CodeX are:

  • Mentoring Sessions: Have personal mentoring sessions with all my mentorees solving all their questions and doing pair programming with them.
  • QA Sessions: Have mentoring sessions for all the mentorees from the same level at the same time.
  • Evaluations: Evalutate students whenever they complete a badge.
  • Pathway maintenance: I constantly make changes on the pathways for all levels, by talking with the students and getting feedback from them. Also constantly giving suggestions for making big changes on the pathway for a better learning for the stundents.
2018 - 2021

Acklen Avenue - Nashville, Tennessee

Fullstack Developer

At Acklen Avenue I have worked for numerous projects as a Fullstack Dev, all of them being web apps. Some of them are:

  • Developers Pair Metrics: Created an application and formulas that return the quality of the pair sessions of the devs of the company, so each tribe lead could detect anomalies and make changes to improve the work of the developers.
  • Nashville Launchpad: Created a web app for people management. The client initially used an Excel sheet to manage all the people who the company was giving shelter to, so I improved the task by developing a manager that aids the person in charge by easily managing all homeless people and cover all their necessities.
  • Testim - Cucumber Integration: Created an integration between two services Testim and Cucumber to improve by 60% the time that a QA needed to test and report a new functionality developed.
2018 - 2021

Hondutronics - Tegucigalpa, Honduras


On 2018, toguether with three associates we founded Hondutronics, a startup where we give the user the facility of starting a Smart Home.

I am responsible of developing and maintaining the home page (https://www.hondutronics.com/) where we generate sells and also responsable of develop and manage new projects

I have been supervisor of an intern from Universidad Católica and currently supervising one developer with whom I'm working to provide our clients with a solution to save in electrical costs

2015 - 2018

Laureate International Universities - Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Faculty Development Intern

During my three years at Laureate I worked on dierent projects centered on providing learning resources and courses to strengthen the teaching techniques for online faculty members from dierent universities around the globe.
Here I worked my soft skills like time management, creative thinking, teamwork, communication and responsibility.
Also worked on projects to help my coworkers to reduce their time to complete a task by automating some of their tasks.
My two most important projects where:

  • Renamer: At the end of every course, the faculty members receive a certicate. Initially all the coordination was done manually using Excel, so I created a tool that created and organized each certicate. This tool reduced the workload from one week to one hour.
  • IPRs: One of my tasks was to evaluate the faculty performance in their courses by lling in a weekly report. Initially, every individual course had its own template and the completion of these reports may take up to one full week. With the implementation of my new tool that was programmed with macros, we had an organized way to complete the reports within 1-2 days.

Other Work


Argos Home Page (https://honduras.argos.co/)

With my team we developed a Wordpress site for Argos. This included a home page, an presentation page for each of their products and blogs.


Grupo Terra - Fundacion Terra

Developed two games, both web based, for a social media campaign commemorating independence day. The first game was a Memory game and the second a Trivia game.


Grupo Terra - Fundacion Terra (https://iwhonduras.github.io/juego.html)

Developed two games, both web based, for a social media campaign commemorating independence day. The first game was a Memory game and the second a Puzzle game.



UNITEC (Universidad Tecnológica Centroamericana)

Computer Systems Engineering

Estimated graduation time: 4th quarter of 2021


Vue Mastery

Succesfully completed Intro to Vue 2, Real World Vue 2, Mastering Vuex and Vue 3 Forms courses.

2018, 3 Months

React and Redux Certificate

Dante Dubon (Acklen Avenue)

In this course, taught by Ing. Dante Dubon, I learned real world examples of React and thanks to this I was accepted on Acklen Avenue.

Mentioned by Ing. Dante as his best student.


CSS Grid

Wes Bos

Completed the CSS Grid course taken to learn new techniques for making better responsive websites.


Modern React with Redux

Stephen Grider

Succesfully completed the course where I learned the updated version of React including Webpack and Hooks.


Centro Escolar Aldebarán - Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Bachelor of Science and Letters

Awards and Events


Honduras Digital Challenge

Second place

Initially I went to the Honduras Digital Challenge without any project but with high desire of helping other people who needs an developer to create an startup that could help people.

In here with 3 associates we created Hondutronics and for the challenge I created an Web App where I could control different smart devices and know their electrical consumption so we can generate saving plans. Thanks to that and a marvelous team, we established Hondutronics after the Honduras Digital Challenge.


Host from Startup Weekend

This time I was'nt a participant, this was my first time as Host from a Startup Weekend where we had more than 100 participants at the event.


Startup Weekend - Zamorano

Participated on the Startup Weekend as developer for a project where the objective was create culture of growing vegetables on your own house or apartment. Also we wanted to help people who are allergic to the chemicals used on the vegetables at their cultivation.

This project was also going to help at public schools as a recreational activity.


HackTegus Ideas for my Capital

Third place

During this hackathon, 3 friends and I created an app that could help the user to know if his current location is a danger zone or not. Also from there you could report to the police any crime, to the 911 any emergency and to the firefighters any natural disaster.


For the last 3 years, I have worked with Walther on our startup. Walther has proven to be one of the most talented, innovative and proactive developer I have ever worked with. He has been an indispensable part of our team having the vision and analytical skills required to quickly assess programming options to resolve potential issues. I have no doubt that he will be an invaluable contributor at any work he does.


Arturo Machado

Hondutronics CEO
Jefe Académico de Emprendimiento UNITEC

I worked with Walther for 3 years at Laureate International Universities. Him and I worked closely together during this time and I was able to witness his exceptional skills in computer systems and interpersonal relations. He excelled in his role as Faculty Development intern, exhibiting a high level of productivity and a problem solving mindset. I am very confident that Walther has the intelligence, work ethics and professional skills to add value wherever he works.


Renee Lorenzana

Instructors Management Administrator

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+504 96898905
Col. Bella Oriente, Tegucigalpa, Honduras